AT200 - Commuter

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Reliable, comfortable, delivered on time

The AT200 has been designed to meet the needs of the regional or outer suburban customer, who typically has a 50 to 80 minute journey. The 125mph train efficiently connects those from larger conurbations to city centres.

Reliable, comfortable, delivered on time

Technical outline

  • Train Configuration: 3 – 12 car
  • Speed Range: 100 – 125 mph
  • Max Acceleration: 1 m/s/s
  • Nominal Vehicle Length: 23m
  • Power Supply: Dual Voltage (25kVac / 750 Vdc / Battery)
  • Door Type / Positions: Sliding Plug / 1/3 2/3
  • Cab Design: Full Width Cab
  • Interior: Bench seating, wide inter vehicle through gangway, LED Lighting throughout, passenger Wi-Fi provision, cantilevered first and standard class seating, inter vehicle gangway door, USB and power sockets at every seat, table, luggage and toilet facilities