There has never been a more exciting time to join rail

Our business strategy has been to gain market entry by combining the best blend of UK, EU and Japanese design; deliver contracts on time and trains that work ‘out of the box’, to deliver the highest levels of reliability and customer satisfaction.

We are now growing our business by establishing a manufacturing base in the UK and developing the market for our latest signalling and traffic management technology.

As we expand our product range and reach we need great people to help us achieve our goals.

New Careers

People who work for us continuously work hard to get the job done

Our employees are flexible and adaptable to changing requirements in a fast paced environment. This is rewarded with accelerated training schedules, global development opportunities and a fantastic benefits scheme.

We work collaboratively, being responsive to changing markets. People have the freedom to put their views forward and are encouraged to become solution-orientated champions within their teams. We have an open culture, which encourages individuality and 360-degree feedback to the leadership team.

Our success is driven by you


As part of Hitachi Rail Limited’s commitment to effective investment in its employees to achieve business goals, we consistently:

  • Communicate departmental and business objectives to our employees
  • Ensure staff have clear objectives, and that regular performance discussions take place through the Performance and Development Planning Process (PDP)
  • Give employees every opportunity to develop themselves in line with their agreed objectives

We offer a wide variety of role-specific and generic training programmes which are open to all employees, some examples of these include:

To extend a warm welcome, set the scene in terms of Hitachi Rail’s culture and communicate company information and policies when you start your role.

Technical Skills Training
To equip each employee with the skills and knowledge necessary to do their job.

Development Skills Training
To develop personal skills that will support individuals in undertaking their duties.

General Training
To provide employees with general information and training, covering areas such as sales training, presentation skills, inter-cultural awareness, negotiation and influencing skills and health & safety.

Management Development
To develop managers in areas such as managing pan-European teams, effective communication and coaching skills.

The International Management Course
The International Management Course (IMC) is organised twice a year by Hitachi Ltd. Senior managerial staff at Hitachi Rail may be selected to participate in order to increase their knowledge of Hitachi’s business and corporate strategies and policies, as a wider group.

This commitment extends through to professional registration as a Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer with either the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) or the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) through our Monitored Professional Development Scheme. This scheme, which is open to engineers of all ages, is a path to recognition of professional competence through a recognised engineering industry programme. The scheme offers education, training and learning opportunities, and a route to career development.


We think work should be challenging whilst being rewarding, which is why we reward our employees for a job well done with a comprehensive pay and benefits package. We recognise that everybody has different and often changing needs, so we also offer some benefits that are flexible and allow you to choose what suits you best.