Evaluating our energy saving technology in the UK

The V-Train 2 was a demonstration train designed in order to demonstrate our skills and expertise while bidding for the Intercity Express Programme project.

Evaluating our energy saving technology in the UK

Project summary

We worked in partnership with HSBC and carried out demonstrations with diesel mode trains and electric mode trains. The V-Train 2 was a high speed diesel hybrid train.

We installed the train in a British High Speed Train (HST) power car, the first of our hybrid system in Europe, and we anticipated that it could reduce fuel consumption by 20%.

Hitachi Europe General Manager Alistair Dormer stated that: 'This hybrid HST power car is a fantastic demonstration of the advances in hybrid battery/diesel technology.'

We were very excited to unveil this technology, which will demonstrate energy and emissions savings. This trial unlocked the future potential for the application of rapidly-improving battery hybrid-powered traction technology to future generations of rail vehicles in the UK.

On-time delivery, supported for life

Hayabusa was delivered and tested on time and on budget. In May 2007, we unveiled the V-Train 2 (named the ‘Hayabusa’) and began testing it on the Great Central Railway.

Exceptional performance

The V-Train 2 looked to power the train away from the platform using batteries – which would in turn be topped up by regenerative braking when a train slowed down to stop at a station. Acceleration would be quicker and diesel saved for the cruising part of the journey.