100 years of delighting our customers and their passengers

Hitachi is a global company which has delivered railway products as a core business for over 100 years. This ranges from Metro, Commuter and High Speed rolling stock through to traffic management, traction and signalling solutions.

100 years of delighting our customers and their passengers

Most notably the design of the Shinkansen bullet trains and support of the service operation in Japan have provided Hitachi with a rich heritage of technical expertise and untiring research and development, which is utilised across our European product range.

To meet a growing range of demands, Hitachi has implemented new methods of vehicle construction and manufacturing based on our AT series product platform. Trains derived from the concept have delivered an outstanding level of quality that has exceeded the expectations even of Japanese railway operators, known the world over for exacting standards for reliability.

This success is supported by our commitment to a fully inclusive, comprehensive and proactive stakeholder management process. We work as one team, with continuous communication and a ‘no surprises’ approach.

At Hitachi we provide the following commitment to our customers:

  • On time delivery
  • Proven technology based on the Japanese A Train platform design evolution
  • Improved acceleration, journey times and energy efficiency
  • Modular based design offering complete whole life flexibility
  • Experience in delivering proven reliability and availability day in day out
  • Comprehensive after sales and maintenance support packages
  • A collaborative relationship with all stakeholders built on trust and teamwork

Introducing the Hitachi AT Series rolling stock platform

Since 2000 Hitachi has been proactively developing the AT Series product platform to support the growing need for increased capacity on the European rail network and electrification programmes.

The AT series consists of the AT100 Metro, AT200 Commuter and AT300 Intercity trains offering complete design flexibility and interoperability. The base specification of each of the aforementioned products can be seen above.

A variety of train configurations are possible

The AT series design concept offers a level of design flexibility and interoperability such that the train configuration can be tailored to the needs of our customers. 

This flexibility derives from a module traction system design with the ability to exchange trailer and motor cars within the train configuration to meet any performance requirement. Hitachi has years of experience in the design of state of the art propulsion systems utilising IGBT technology developed in-house, resulting in extremely high levels of reliability.