Scottish rail is unique. Thanks to its incredible rail heritage, you can see the remarkable scenery and historic attractions so much better from train than by car. Home to the world’s first and longest major steel railway, across the Forth and the Tay, Scotland has always been at the forefront of innovation and engineering excellence. It is no wonder that rail travel is expected to grow by 224% over the next 30 years on its major routes.


Hitachi in Scotland

We have made a strong commitment to Scotland – we are investing over the long term to bring new trains, improved depots and sustainable jobs.

By 2020, we will have delivered 154 trains and employ over 300 people. We will increase capacity and improve reliability on over 100 million journeys a year. Our trains will improve connectivity for people in Scotland, increase reliability and offer a superior passenger experience.

We look forward to contributing to a rapidly expanding rail ecosystem in the years to come.

Over 150 trains will be in service across Scotland by 2020


Skills and Investment

Rail is a key driver of economic growth in Scotland. We will employ 300 people servicing and maintaining trains across Scotland by the end of 2019.

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Depots and Technology

We are investing over £30 million in depots in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow, to bring the best of rail engineering to Scotland and more efficient trains.

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Newton Aycliffe

Our Trains

The new fleets of Hitachi trains will substantially increase capacity for passengers across Scotland by offering more space and more comfort.

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